April 20, 2021

wvp phases

Phase 1 Details

  • Effective Wednesday, April 21, employees will no longer be required to complete the two pre-requisite online module, WBT544 and WBT545, within the Workplace Violence Prevention Certifications.
  • Employees will still be required to register and attend the instructor-led classes (WVP High or WVP Medium) to complete the training requirements.
  • The certifications are in process of being re-built in Saba to exclude the online modules; however, these Saba updates will take some time to complete.
  • Temporarily, the modules will still be visible in the certifications, but de-activated in Saba.

WVP cert changes


Phase 2 Details

  • New certifications will be built in Saba and the Saba Tech Team will transfer existing employee Workplace Violence Prevention education completions into new certifications.
  • Due to additional manual adjustments, this will be rolled out unit by unit. Each unit will get a notice when their employees' accounts will be adjusted.

Errors associated with online modules (WBT544 and WBT545)

Error 1 (WBT544):

Q: What happens if I click on Launch for WBT544?

A: The screen will darken and a message will appear stating the module is Loading, but never actually continue to a new screen (see image below). Employees will need to navigate away from this screen and then reenter their Learning Plan to continue to click on View Classes besides WVP High or WVP Medium. 

wbt544 error


Error 2 (WBT545):

Q: What happens if I click on View Classes for WBT545?

A: A message will appear under the certification stating there are no available classes. Please disregard by clicking on the X (see image below) and continue to click on View Classes besides WVP High or WVP Medium.

wbt545 error


For questions, please contact Lacey Weddle at weddlel@health.missouri.edu.