University of Missouri Health Care wants to provide a great learning experience for all students while continuing to provide a safe environment for our patients, therefore we have very specific requirements that must be met prior to a clinical rotation at a University of Missouri Health Care facility.

Please select the opportunity that best fits your needs. 

Health Care Students

College students completing a clinical rotation in a program from a variety of health professions (Health Care Chaplain, Nursing, Physical Therapies, Pharmacy, Social Work, Radiology Technology, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition Sciences) completing clinical hours. The school must have a current clinical contract with MU Health Care.

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Non-Clinical Intern

The student is obtaining course credit, and his/her school has a contract in place with MU Health Care. The student has accepted the internship and needs to complete the paperwork prior to starting

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Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in giving back to the community? Learn about our volunteer opportunities.

Shadow/Observer Student

This is strictly observing in the clinical setting, there is no care administered. Credit is not being awarded for a course and/or the school does not have a contract with MU Health Care.

Allied Health Practitioner Student

Individual graduate health care student completing clinical rotation or practicum hours. 

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MU and Visiting Medical Students

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