The Center for Education and Development offers a wide range of employee education programs to support MU Health Care.

CED is excited to bring the GROW Academy to MU Health Care employees. The GROW Academy offers a variety of topics designed to help employees with professional development, with computer or technology-related topics, or even topics related to personal development and growth.

With the organization’s commitment to growing every employee’s skills, the GROW Academy gives both employees and leaders an avenue for growth and development. After reviewing the various offerings, employees are encouraged to consider learning events that will help to grow their skill set and have a developmental conversation with their leader. Leaders are also encouraged to review the curricula and consider opportunities to guide your employee’s growth and development.

The GROW Academy is beginning with select topics below, and it will continue to expand over time. Workshops will be held at Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Quarterdeck at various times. Most workshops will be about 60 to 90 minutes long, but on occasion, they might be longer. 

Registration to any session will need to be approved by the employee’s leader.