April 28, 2022

Annual Mandatories are due on April 30.

Annual Mandatories were assigned to you as a curriculum with the title of 2022 Staff Annual Mandatory Learning or 2022 New Staff Annual Mandatory Learning.

Not sure if you completed them? Check Saba!

  • Once logged into Saba, click on My Learning Plan and scroll down to check for one of the above curricula.
  • If you see it on your Learning Plan, it's time to complete it!

Don't see it on your Learning Plan?

  • From the Saba homepage click on My Transcripts (or from your Learning Plan, you can click on Completed Learning on the left menu).
  • In the search field under Learning Event Name, type in 2022. If you completed the curriculum, it will show up and the progress will be "Acquired." This means you have completed the training.

Have questions?

Submit an AskHR ticket to CED.