$ Adding Visit Type to the Patient List View

Visit Type can be added to your Patient List view to display the encounter type for the patient.

$ Cerner Location Updates - Inpatient Nurse Units

UH, MOI, MPC and WCH Nursing Unit Name Changes; Change only impacting Display Name, minimal end-user impact.

$ Creating Clinic Order Favorites

Creating a favorite order folder allows for quick access to clinic orders.

$ Discharging a Patient Encounter

Discharging the patient encounter action will occur in PowerChart and FirstNet as of March 20, 2021. This discharge encounter process will be required to discharge the following patient types: Inpatient, Observation, and Outpatient in a Bed.

$ Documenting Patient Own Meds

Learn how to document the administration of a medication brought into clinic by the patient in PowerChart.

$ Documenting Respiratory Therapy Charges in I-View

Respiratory Therapy documentation has been updated to allow for charge documentation to be completed within I-View. *RT CHARGE fields are conditional and will appear based on documentation of respiratory therapy services.