STROKE and STEMI courses are now in Saba!

All courses that were formally assigned and completed in APEX are now housed in Saba.

SBAR for Transition of Stroke and STEMI Modules from Apex to Saba.


Why have the courses been moved to Saba?

To make things simpler. Instead of having an extra website you have to navigate to complete your courses, they will be located in the same place you go to for most of your online training.

How does this affect me as a learner?

Instead of going to APEX to take the courses, you will go to Saba. That's it! To access Saba, click on the link in the menu above.

How does this affect me as an administrator?

If you assigned Hemisphere or imPULSE courses in APEX, you are now an administrator in Saba with the ability to assign the courses. See the job aid below for how to assign courses in Saba. Also below are the course titles and course IDs for all Hemisphere and imPULSE courses.

What if I need to reset an attempt for a course?

The Tech Team can assist with that! Submit a ticket via AskHR.

Job Aids

Is there a process in Saba that you need help with? Reach out to the Tech Team at for assistance.


Hemisphere Courses FY22

Hemisphere Courses - Descriptions and Objectives

Course Title Course ID
WBT917-22 - Hemi 2.0 HTML - Level 1 Brain Anatomy and Physiology WBT917-22
WBT918-22 - Hemi 2.0 HTML - Level 2 Stroke Pathophysiology WBT918-22
WBT919-22 - Hemi 2.0 HTML - Level 3 Emergency Response to Stroke WBT919-22
WBT920-22 - Hemi 2.0 HTML - Level 4 In-Hospital Ischemic Stroke WBT920-22
WBT921-22 - Hemi 2.0 HTML - Level 5 In-Hospital Hemorrhagic Stroke WBT921-22
WBT922-22 - Hemi 2.0 HTML - Level 6 Stroke Prevention WBT922-22
WBT923-22 - Hemi 2.0 HTML - Level 7 Excellence in Stroke Care WBT923-22
WBT924-22 - Hemi 2.0 HTML - Level 8 NIHSS WBT924-22


imPULSE Courses FY22

imPULSE Courses - Descriptions and Objectives

Course Title Course ID
WBT925-22 - imPULSE 3.0 - Level 1 Cardiac A&P WBT925-22
WBT926-22 - imPULSE 3.0 - Level 2 Obtaining the ECG WBT926-22
WBT927-22 - imPULSE 3.0 - Level 3 ECG Rhythms WBT927-22
WBT928-22 - imPULSE 3.0 - Level 4 12-Lead ECGs WBT928-22
WBT929-22 - imPULSE 3.0 - Level 5 Acute Coronary Syndrome WBT929-22
WBT930-22 - imPULSE 3.0 - Level 6 Advanced and Special Situations WBT930-22
WBT931-22 - imPULSE 3.0 - Level 7 Excellence in ACS Care WBT931-22
WBT932-22 - imPULSE 3.0 - Level 8 ECG Library WBT932-22
WBT933-22 - imPULSE 3.0 - Level 9 Early Heart Attack Care WBT933-22