Hello Preceptors and Preceptors Admin

Thanks for shepherding our nurses into their new careers. Here are some quick tips to make your important role easier:

Preceptor Admin Section 


1. To view current status on preceptors access the Learning Portal through the links below.

2. Once in the Learning Portal, Click "Preceptor status" Link on menu on the left side of the screen. Or Click View Preceptor Status  to go there directly.


Preceptor Section 

1. First, let’s talk about paperwork.

Completing the nurse’s core competency is a vital requirement, but you don’t have to do it all. Your orientee should fill out the Learning Opportunities so you can just sign them. But you must decide when the person progresses from Red to Yellow to Green, moving from novice to competent. Please watch this video for complete instructions. Competencies should be signed off as close to real-time as possible and at the latest by the end of each shift. This will need to be worked into the routine between you and your orientee. Please click on the link below to watch a video in SABA that shows you exactly how to complete this paperwork. 

 2. Use your resources:

  1. Mosby’s Skills: Have your orientee review step by step instructions before attempting skills like foley insertion and PIV placement. Mosby’s has Quick-sheet, Extended text, Supplies List and Videos available for your skills reference. 
  2. UpToDate: Utilize for clinical information backed by evidence-based practice. 
  3. MicroMedex: Use MicroMedex to verify drug interactions and IV compatibility. NeoFax/Pediatrics tab is available within the application for specialized patient populations. 

 3. Provide regular feedback.

Your orientee cannot improve unless they know what to do. Positive reinforcement is important, but redirection to proper and safe processes is essential!  Watch these short videos for examples of how to give difficult feedback in the moment. 


4. Some departments have timelines to create expectations for orientee progress. Ask your SLS for this and other resources specific to your unit.