Leader Chats is a leadership series that occurs every other month. Each session will have an overarching theme with speakers sharing a different perspective, story or lesson related to the theme.

Each video listed below is a recording of previous sessions that are broken down into five-minute highlights.

Cy Wakeman
Edit Your Story

Cy Wakeman
Thinking Inside the Box

Cy Wakeman
Engaged Action Planning

Teresa Brooks
Columbia, Missouri is Home

Curtis Lilly
Journey from Duke Health to MU Health Care

Nikki McGruder
Awareness is Power

Kay Davis
Lessons Learned the Hard Way with Change Management

Brad Myers
Taking Accountability

Valerie Fullmer-Wiggins
Lessons in Leadership

Mike Alden
Forming a Great Leadership Team

Charles Shields
Navigating the Complexities of Health Care

Steven C. Bjelich
Saint Francis Healthcare: Successes and Failures

Kim Henrichsen
Change and Culture

Bob Pendleton
Building a High Value Culture

Jeff Triplette
Are You Ready to be a Winner?

Jeff Robbins
Net Promoter System

Winnie Fritz
Developing and Leading High Performing Team