The Tech Team provides training and support for all things related to SABA.

The team is located at Quarter Deck building, 111, is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

SABA Assignments

The Tech Team assigns training based on hospital policies and new initiatives. Please select the link below to review the policies and assignment details:

Assignment Details Policy Launch Date Final Due Date
Corporate Compliance HR-1007-UMHC Mandatory Compliance Training Oct. 5th Apr. 30th
FY19 Flu HR-5032-UMHC Flu Policy Oct. 2nd Nov. 9th
Annual Mandatories HR-1007-UMHC Mandatory Compliance Training Oct. 2nd Apr. 30th
Initial/Departmental Competency HR-1006-UMHC Competency Assessments Upon Hire 6 Months from Hire Date
Annual Health Screening HR-5003-UMHC Annual Health Screening    
New Staff Annual Health Screening HR-1003-UMHC New Staff Health Screening  


Credentialed Providers Annual Health Screening Health Testing/Immunization Requirements for Priviledged Providers  


Annual Mandatories Title IX Oct. 2nd Apr. 30th
Clinical Mandatories HR-1007-UMHC Mandatory Compliance Training Dec. 10th Apr. 30th

Helpful SABA Handouts

The Tech Team produces and manages helpful handouts. Handouts can be accessed at the links below:

How to

Forms to request a Course Code, Training, and Roster

If you have questions email Tech Team